Silver Mountain Lift & Trail Report

Lift 1

Alpenway OPEN   YES
Shortcut OPEN   YES
Happy Jack CLOSED   NO
Junction OPEN   YES
Fast Eddy OPEN   NO
Get There CLOSED   NO
Sluice Box CLOSED   NO

Lift 2

Klondike Express OPEN Thin Coverage NO
Sunrise OPEN Thin Coverage YES
Silver Belt OPEN   YES
Upper North Star OPEN Thin Coverage NO
Lower North Star OPEN   NO
Upper Northern Lights OPEN   YES
Lower Northern Lights OPEN   YES
Upper Quicksilver OPEN Thin Coverage NO
Lower Quicksilver OPEN   NO
Upper Steep & Deep OPEN   NO
Lower Steep & Deep OPEN   NO
Tall Paul OPEN   NO
Why Not OPEN   NO
Hammy's Delight OPEN   NO
Upper T2D2 OPEN Thin Coverage NO
Lower T2D2 OPEN   NO
Heaven CLOSED   NO
Jim Dandy CLOSED   NO
Rendezvous OPEN Thin coverage NO
The North Face Glades CLOSED   NO
Skyway Ridge OPEN   NO
Sunset OPEN Thin coverage NO
Dribble Down OPEN   NO
Shady Lady CLOSED   NO

Lift 3

Upper Terrible Edith CLOSED   NO
Lower Terrible Edith CLOSED   NO
Paymaster CLOSED   NO
Lower Paymaster CLOSED   NO
Collateral CLOSED   NO
Saddleback OPEN Thin coverage. EXPERTS ONLY. NO
Crossover CLOSED   NO

Lift 4

Eureka OPEN   NO
Corkscrew CLOSED   NO
Upper Centennial OPEN   YES
Lower Centennial CLOSED   NO
Hercules CLOSED   NO
Half Pipe OPEN Natural Halfpipe NO
Quarter Pipe OPEN Natural Quarterpipe NO
Upper Ridge OPEN   NO
Lower Ridge CLOSED   NO
East Tamarack OPEN Thin coverage. YES
West Tamarack OPEN Thin coverage. YES
Upper Gold OPEN Thin coverage. YES
Lower Gold CLOSED Thin coverage. NO
Moonshine CLOSED   NO
Prospector CLOSED   NO
Home James OPEN   YES
Solitude CLOSED   NO
Wardner Traverse CLOSED   NO
Wardner Peak CLOSED   NO
16 to 1 CLOSED   NO
Sheer Bliss CLOSED   NO
Morning Star CLOSED   NO
Last Chance CLOSED   NO
The Meadows CLOSED   NO
Silver Basin CLOSED   NO
Midway Chair 4 Traverse CLOSED   NO
Assay Road CLOSED   NO
Jackass CLOSED   NO
Bootlegger CLOSED   NO

Lift 5

Claim Jumper OPEN   YES
Dawdler OPEN   YES
Ross Run OPEN   YES
Bear Grass OPEN   NO
Huckleberry OPEN   YES
Upper Noahs CLOSED   NO
Lower Noahs CLOSED   NO
Gold Pan Alley CLOSED   NO

Prospector Adventure Lift

Easy Street OPEN   YES
Tubing Park OPEN   YES
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