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Frequently Asked Questions

The Rental Process and How Equipment Should Fit:

Before you can rent your equipment we will need you to fill out a rental form. These are located at the entryway to the ski rental shop. Fill them out before you approach the rental desk. You will need to know the age, height, weight, and shoe size for each person renting equipment. If you are renting skis you will need to know the Skier Type, which can be found by viewing the Skier Ability Chart. Skier Ability Charts are posted in the Rental Shop. If you are renting a snowboard you will need to know if the person rides with their left or right foot forward (the rental techs can help you determine this if you are unsure). Picture ID will be required. Once you have paid the cashier they will validate your rental form, which you will hand to the next available technician as you proceed into the boot fitting area. The technician will give you a pair of boots to try on.

Some things to remember about boot fit:

  • Boots are supposed to fit like a firm handshake, and your toes are supposed to touch the front of boot when you stand up. However, your toes should not feel jammed into the front of the boot.
  • One pair of light- to medium-weight ski specific wool socks will keep you warmer than three pairs of cotton, orange hunting socks.

From there, you will follow the line to get your skis and poles or snowboard. A rental technician will assist you in selecting the correct equipment for your height.