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Frequently Asked Questions About Silver Rapids Indoor Waterpark

Do you provide towels?

Yes, they are free for Silver Mountain Resort Lodging guests and people who purchase day-pass admission to use while at Silver Rapids Waterpark. They can be picked up from the Silver Rapids front desk.


Do you provide life jackets?

Yes, there is a rack of lifejackets on the right after entering the waterpark. They are free for everyone to use. There are a couple of larger sizes available at the Silver Rapids front desk.


Can we bring food and drinks into the waterpark?

Guests are not allowed to bring in food and drinks with the following exceptions:

  • Baby food, formula, and milk can be brought in for infants.
  • A birthday cake or cupcakes may be brought in if you are celebrating a birthday.
  • Food can be brought in to accommodate someone with food allergies or dietary restrictions.
  • Coffee purchased from Mo’s Froyo & Joe or Double Shots café can be brought in.
  • Empty refillable water bottles can be brought in.

Please note that no glass containers can be brought into the waterpark.


Is there a place to buy food or drinks inside the waterpark?

Inside Silver Rapids we have a restaurant called The Lunch Bucket. They serve hamburgers, chicken strips, French fries, pizza, ice cream, and more. They also have soda, slushies, bull blasters, and other beverages. We also have a full bar called Trestles upstairs on the mezzanine level.


Are there changing rooms inside the waterpark?

There are changing rooms inside the men’s and the women’s bathrooms. There are also a couple of family changing stalls available for use.


Do you have showers?

There are showers in the men’s and women’s bathrooms. We don’t have family showers available.


Do you have lockers available?

There are lockers available to rent at the waterpark front desk. They are $14 for a small (12x12) and $17 for a large (18x18). That price includes a $10 key deposit. The $10 deposit can be returned to you if the locker key is brought back to the waterpark front desk before closing on the day of rental.

Prices are subject to change. Silver Mountain is not liable for lost or stolen items.


How old do children need to be to use the waterpark without adult supervision?

Children need to be at least 13 to be in the waterpark unsupervised. Children 12 and under should be accompanied by an adult.


Is the waterpark heated?

The temperature of the air is kept at 84 degrees. The water for the slides, Lagoon, Flowrider, Wet Deck, Miner’s Island, and the Lazy River is heated to 82 degrees., The water for the Kiddie Pool is heated to 84 degrees. The Family Warm Spa is kept at 95 degrees. The Hot Tubs on the mezzanine level are between 101 and 103 degrees.


Is the water chemically treated?

Chlorine is used to treat the water in all the attractions except the hot tubs and warm spa. The hot tubs and warm spa are treated with bromine. The chemicals are checked at least twice a day, once in the morning before we open and once again halfway through the day.



What attractions have height limits?

  • Guests must be at least 42” to ride the FlowRider Surf Simulator on their knees or belly, and 52” to ride standing up. Participants who want to stand must also sign a release of liability waiver. The waiver can be signed online or at Silver Rapids front desk. After signing, participants must obtain an additional wristband from Silver Rapids front desk. Because of the height restriction, participants must pick up the wristband themselves, a friend or family member may not pick it up for them.
  • Guests must be at least 48” to ride the single rider tube slides, Prospector’s Plunge and Gold Rush, and to ride the Moose Sluice Family Raft waterslide without adult supervision.


What attractions are good for younger kids?

  • The Polliwog Pond Kiddy Pool is for kids under 48 inches tall only and is a great spot for toddlers and preschoolers. There are slides and bungee swings in Polliwog Pond. Parents can be in the pool with their children but are not allowed on the slides.
  • The Crossing (Lily Pads) is for kids under 48 inches and is another great attraction for young kids. Anyone 48 inches or taller is not allowed to use The Crossing for safety reasons. Like the lazy river, adults should supervise children using the lily pads.
  • Miner’s Island is the play structure in the middle of the lazy river. In addition to the two slides and giant bucket, there are interactive valves and spraying opportunities that kids will enjoy. Young children should be supervised by adults when playing on Miner’s Island.
  • The North Fork Lazy River is good for any age, but adults should supervise young children and children of any age who are not strong swimmers.
  • Children under 48” can go on the Moose Sluice Family Raft waterslide with responsible adults.


What attractions can people with mobility issues use?

The Lazy River has a gently sloping entry, so people with mobility issues can access it easily. There is also a flat entrance to Miner’s Island on the far side for people who can’t use stairs.


Do you have an elevator to the Mezzanine level for people with mobility issues?

We have a lift that people can use if they can’t use the stairs.  If you need help locating or operating it, please ask the Silver Rapids front desk staff for assistance.


Do you sell walk-up tickets?

We do not sell walk-up tickets. Anyone who wants to purchase day pass admission or season pass holder admission must make a reservation ahead of time.


If day pass admission isn’t showing up when I try to make a reservation is there another way to purchase tickets?

Day pass admission is not available on Saturdays, holidays, and holiday weekends. On those days the waterpark is exclusive for guests who booked a room through Silver Mountain Resort Lodging, as well as some owners of Morning Star Lodge and their guests.


If you are sold out of admission, are there additional tickets available?

Once we are sold out, we don’t sell additional tickets unless a reservation for admission is cancelled. We do have a waitlist in case we get cancelations. To be placed on the waitlist, call Silver Rapids front desk at 208-784-1930.


Do you have a discounted rate for larger groups?

Discounted day group rates can be arranged for groups paying for at least 15 tickets. You must work with a group sales representative to get the discounted passes; they are not available when booking directly through Silver Rapids. Group rates are only available Sunday through Friday and exclude holiday periods. Space is limited and subject to change. Reservations must be made at lease 7 days in advance, and group leaders must make the payment for groups in a single transaction. For more information, contact Dara at or 208-783-1514.


If I rent a cabana or the Miner’s Dugout, does it come with admission included? Can I purchase walk-up tickets if I have a cabana rented?

The cost of renting a cabana or Miner’s Dugout doesn’t include waterpark admission. We do not sell walk-up tickets even to people who have rented a cabana. Anyone who rents a cabana and doesn’t have admission either through booking a room through Silver Mountain Lodging or by purchasing day pass admission will not have access to the cabana.


Are there tables and chairs or lounge chairs we can use if we don’t rent a cabana?

There are tables and chairs all around the waterpark that are free for everyone to use. There is also a small number of lounge chairs available for everyone to use. All free seating is first come, first served.


Can I bring my dog inside the waterpark?

Dogs are not allowed in the waterpark unless they are a service animal. Service dogs are allowed to be inside Silver Rapids, but not allowed in any of the water attractions. Service dogs should be under the control of its handler and have a harness, leash, or other tether, unless the handler is unable because of a disability to use a harness, leash, or other tether, or the use of a harness, leash, or other tether would interfere with the service dog’s safe, effective performance of work or a task, in which case the service dog must otherwise be under the handler’s control through voice control or other effective means.